Three Season Master League Youtube Series - Efootball 2021

Which Team should I start my new Master League with?

  • Brighton

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  • Burnley

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  • Fulham

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  • Leeds United

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  • Sheffield United

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  • Other (please specify)

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Hi guys, I have just finished a three season master league with West Bromwich Albion (efootball 2021) on Superstar difficulty, which is not on youtube. As you can see, in the third and final year I won the treble. There is also a photo of my starting lineup, as you can see it is a PES UNIVERSE Classic Mod.

I am looking to do another Master League on the same difficulty with a different team. I will be letting my subscribers decide certain things such as formations/transfers etc.

I am looking to start this with another lower down premier league team, and I have attached five options below.