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    Three Season Master League Youtube Series - Efootball 2021

    Hi guys, I have just finished a three season master league with West Bromwich Albion (efootball 2021) on Superstar difficulty, which is not on youtube. As you can see, in the third and final year I won the treble. There is also a photo of my starting lineup, as you can see it is a PES UNIVERSE...
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    In this video I started a 20 team Classic League with the Classic England Team, the league included both Classic International Teams and Classic Club Teams This episode covers games against Classic Netherlands, Classic AC Milan and many more 5 goal thriller against Classic Bayern at the end...
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    Possible Youtube Series ideas

    Hi guys, I've been on youtube for a while now doing various sports and gaming. I'm looking to do some PES 2021 content ideally using PES Universe classic teams. I'm looking for some ideas on what to do for a new series, so the floor is yours. I've given a few possible options which I've been...